Saturday, June 24, 2017

Life Happened.

First, I would like to say that I passed my Fall 2016 semester with 3 A's and 2 B's! I was so proud of myself. Doing so brought my GPA up to a 3.0 and put me on track for graduation which was May 5th, 2017. For Spring 2017, I took 15 credit hours and passed all of them with a 4.0! That brought my GPA up to a 3.1 That really helped when it came time to apply for scholarships at my new school. So I am proof that even if you mess up in college that through hard work you can recover. If I did, anyone can. So yeah, I graduated in May with my Associate's in Science and now I am headed to a four year university to double major in Healthcare Administration and Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. I will have to spend three years there if I chose one major anyway so I went with both. I love the idea of being a healthcare manager but I also love psychology. Why choose?

To make things greater, I am currently employed as a phone operator at the college I will be attending in the Fall. This makes things cool because they are willingly to pay tuition for half of eight credit hours. That may not seem like much but tuition is expensive. I'm grateful. If I get promoted to full-time (which I plan to), they will pay the whole tuition for the eight credit hours. SCORE! Sad thing is I had to give my three week notice to my old college job because this new job wants all my time. My supervisor told me that I needed to spread my wings and fly. It was time and she was right. I miss her and the crew dearly but I had to go. Besides, I wasn't a student anymore so I wasn't eligible to work there any longer.

I bet you're wondering if I decorated my cap after all that talk I did about it. Well, I did. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but I still loved it. I went to Michael's for everything. I absolutely love pearls so I had to include those on my cap. I must say that graduation night was the best night of my life (yet again) but next graduation, I plan on not wearing heels. I feel like there is so much I'm leaving out from you guys. I planned a trip to Houston, Texas and I ended up going alone! It was an amazing trip. The people are super friendly. They constantly hugged me and gave out compliments. I never felt unsafe. I really want to move there. My cousin Kisha tried to convince me to stay. I would have gone but out of state tuition was three times the price of regular tuition. I'll wait. Maybe for graduate school I will move to Houston but I'm not sure. Here are some pictures that I love from my Houston trip! I'll be back my loves! Until next time.


Saturday, October 29, 2016


I think this post is well over due.

Community college is almost over. 188 days to go! I am currently sitting at 4 B's and 1 A in my classes. My goal is to have 3 A's and 2 B's by the end of the semester which is December 8th. After I'm done with school in May, I plan on attending my local university for two years once I am done at my current community college. Did I mention my college just started the whole "Dean's List" thing? It came about in the summer and I was on it for my 3.5 GPA for the semester. Slowly, but surely, I am bringing up my GPA. I began at a 3.3 and failed all my classes bringing me down to a 2.7. Over the summer, I brought it up to a 2.9 and if I finish my classes with 3 A's and 2 B's then I'll be at a 3.0.

Work is not going so good. I quit the job I started here and now I'm at a clothing store as a cashier. I haven't started yet and I also have an interview at one of my previous jobs (the zoo) doing a different line of work. I didn't like the jewelry store. Some things people are good at and others, well, they aren't. I wasn't good at recommending pashmina scarves or helping people choose jewelry. They didn't even want me around a cash register. They had a proper way of how you speak to the customers when they walk in or at the register. It was just too much for a mall job. I'm not lazy but office jobs fit me more. That's exactly what I'll be doing at the zoo. 3 job shawty? Not at all. The clothing store and the zoo are both seasonal. My student worker job is part-time and pernanment. I actually need something else that's part-time and pernanment for when I graduate in May.

Dating hasn't been on my mind. My best friend recently had a baby by the girl he got with after me. Our relationship has become non-existent. My friends have been giving my number out to boys they think I might find cute but I'm over it. God will send someone when its time for me to be in a relationship but for now I think I'm good being single. Although Facebook is bringing up old statuses of my breakup from 3 years ago and reminding me of the pain I had from my ex ugh.

Health is good. At least I think. I'm not too sure if my death scare counts as unhealthy or not. But my mental health is great. I haven't been depressed in months.

Friends are treating me like they lost me. We realized that we're taking each other for granted and haven't really hung out at all these past few months so almost losing me was very scary. I'm glad I'm still here because I need to be there for them. I can't do that in spirit.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Life Lesson: My General Anesthesia Story

I'm not the one to write for sad reasons but something happened to me on Tuesday, October 25th, that I'll never forget.

It started off a pretty normal morning. I was scheduled to have my wisdom teeth extracted at 9 AM and I was a bit nervous. When we got there, I was quickly directed to a small, back room with my mom and instructed to sit in a chair and sign some papers. Afterwards, the procedure was explained to me by a doctor (I believe) or dental hygienist. I was asked questions about my health history which was pretty basic. I have no allergies and never had surgery. After we finished that talk, the guy inserted an IV into my hand that would be filled with general anesthesia, an oxygen nasal cannula was placed in my nose and I fell asleep about 6 minutes later before the numbing. What occurred next is something I never imagined would have happened to me.

Tuesday could have been my day. Apparently, I stopped breathing during the numbing of my mouth and the paramedics were immediately called in to revive me. Somehow, I regained consciousness before they began to resuscitate me. I didn't see a white light or any gates. Nope. I had a dream about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump arguing over who gets the White House because Hillary had won. When I was woke up, I was shaking. One of the dental assistants asked me if I was cold and proceeded to put her jacket around me. I couldn't stop shaking. I was drowsy, scared and numb. A doctor (I'm for sure he was a doctor) was over me asking me questions like "how old are you? Who did you come here with today? What's your name?" He continued to tell me to stay awake although I was half asleep.

My mom was scared half to death. I remember the doctor saying "go get her mom" after I had awaken. She walked in with tears in her eyes, asking questions like "how could this have happened?" That's a good question. A very good question Mom. From what I gathered from the doctor, apparently my body had a reaction to general anesthesia and I lost consciousness from it. The doctor assured my mom that the next time they attempt to take out my wisdom teeth that it will be a local anethesia that will numb only my mouth and prevent any feeling in it instead of it affecting my whole body.

I don't know what went wrong but it did teach me a lesson and has shown me something. First, it taught me that every day isn't promised. A simple procedure could be the end of your life as you know it. I see why people are afraid of the dentist. I'd be too after my experience but I'm not. Lastly, I'm not living my life to the fullest. I am simply existing in the world. I don't party, I rarely drink, and I don't see my friends as much because I work so much. It all hit me at once. I'm not a normal 20-something year old. & I be damned if my last days end with regrets and "well, I didn't see her much." Starting today, I'm going to change my life around. I want the most out of life and its about time I get it and start living.